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Lagercrantz Agency is a writing agency and promoter, focused on helping our clients get the maximum benefit from their creativity.

First, we work with taking a book project from dream to reality. This can mean many things. Everything from kneading a synopsis to finding the right publisher or media house for the author/creator. 

Sometimes we ourselves pitch ideas to authors who we think are appropriate for writing a book in a certain subject or in a certain genre.

Lagercrantz Agency has substantial experience of the Swedish publishing and media industry. We assist our clients with first class editorial expertise to be able to navigate correctly in a complex and changeable media world. Lagercrantz Agency is a boutique bureau that works closely with its clients. 

We are unfortunately unable to take on more clients at the moment.

If you have any questions, you are welcome to contact:

Ella Lagercrantz
Coordinator & jr Literary Agent

Jackie Blumenfeld
Coordinator & jr Literary Agent

Stefan Hilding


Leo Lagercrantz

Founder & Partner

Linnéa Deurell

Literary Agent

Jakob Wästberg

Senior Advisor, International Rights

Right now we are fully booked.


Book projects we have worked on include successes such as Anders Borg's Finansministern, Katrine Marçal's Att uppfinna världen, Johan Croneman's Jag är olycklig här and Diamant Salihus' Tills alla dör.


Anders Borg

Annah Björk

Anna Grant

Anna-Karin Olofsson

Anne Liljeroth

Beata Söderberg Quin

Beatrice Balaton Blom

Björn Olofsson

Björn Wiman

Carl Finnborg

Caroline Ringskog Ferrada-Noli

Cassandra Brunstedt

Daniel Fridell

Daniel Persson

Daniella Mendel-Enk

Diamant Salihu

Dominika Peczynski

Dragomir Mrsic

Emil Arvidson

Jaouli Akofely

Jonas Malmborg

Johan Croneman 

Johan Hakelius

Johan Wicklén

Kalevi Puonti

Kajsa Stål

Karl Fredrik Mattsson

Katrine Marçal 

Lotta Lättström

Lola Zackow

Lisa Bjurwald

Mari Eberstein

Mattias Beijmo

Mattias Löw

Mehdi Adnan Mossa

Michael Fetz

Mikael Andersson

Per E Åsberg

Peter Kisfaludy

Niclas Andersson

Niklas Ekdal

Rafael Edholm

Rami Bladlav

Rasmus Troedsson
Rebecka Bebben Andersson

Reshma Mansuri Löw

Sara Recabarren

Satu Andersson

Theodor Lundgren

Therése Cedergren

Tony Fischier





Lagercrantz Agency

Dalslandsgatan 5

118 58 Stockholm


Tel (+46) 70-360 15 07



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