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Dragomir Mrsics

The autobiography of the actor Dragomir "Gago" Mrsic Where I come from is an open-hearted, naked and poignant life story unlike any other. It's about poverty, crime and what it's like to live with fear as a constant companion. But also about how Gago finally managed to break his destructive life. After some spectacular robberies, he is sentenced to a long prison sentence, which becomes the turning point in his life. He becomes a successful entrepreneur and a respected and successful international film actor with films such as Fast cash, Edge of tomorrow (together with Tom Cruise) and popular television series such as Alex.

Lagercrantz Agency represents Dragomir Mrsic as follows:

• Book rights in all languages except Swedish.
• Audio rights in all languages except Swedish.
• Lectures/Lectures
• Podcasts and the like

Regarding film roles, Dragomir Mrsic is represented by Actors In Scandinavia.
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