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Julie Lindahl

Julie Lindahl is a critically acclaimed multi-national author and activist living in Sweden.

Following a six-year journey in Europe and Latin America in which she discovered her

grandparents' role in the Third Reich, her memoir, The Pendulum, was published and earned

wide praise in the US and Sweden. Her work has been featured by National Public Radio, the

BBC World Service, and German and Swedish national television and radio have featured her

work. In 2022, her TEDx Talk, Who Has the Right to History?, was shared with TED's 35+

million subscribers. She was awarded a Mary Elvira Stevens Traveling Fellowship by

Wellesley College, USA, and was named Honorary Associate, University College London, for

her research. Her previous books and columns focused on Nordic/Swedish culture and the

home she found living with her family on a small Swedish island. See,

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