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Lagercrantz agency is the proud, new representative of Dragomir Mrsic

The autobiography of the actor Dragomir ”Gago” Mirsic is a naked and dramatic story about a life journey that looks like no other. It is a story about poverty, crime and to live with fear as a permanent companion. It is also about breaking free from destructive patterns and finding glimpses of light even in the darkest of hours. As a child Dragomir leaves Yugoslavia together with his family in search for a better life in the Stockholm suburb Fittja where he ends up in crime when no other path seems possible. Open heartedly and with great enthusiasm he accounts for a breathtaking journey with highs and lows – on how life in prison after a much talked about bank robbery becomes a turning point, and about his life as a top-class actor.

The actor Dragomir Mirsic is mostly known for his roles in box office movies like the internationally acclaimed Snabba Cash, Edge of tomorrow starring Tom Cruise and popular tv-series such as Alex. He is currently scheduled for several productions, both Swedish as well as international, and this november he is seen in the action thriller Omerta 6/12.

Where I am from will be officially released in Sweden on December 1st.

Lagercrantz Agency represents Dragomir Mirsic as follows:

Printed Books. All languages and territories except Swedish/Sweden.

Audio Books. All languages and territories except Swedish/Sweden.

Regarding film rolls Dragomir Mrsic is represented by Actors in Scandinavia.


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