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Lagercrantz Agency welcomes Emil Arvidson

Lagercrantz Agency is very proud to be representing Emil Arvidson, author of the highly relevant book Svensk gangsterrap (Swedish Gangster rap) which will be published on 24 March by Bokförlaget Forum.

In the fall of 2021, after the murder of Einár, the Swedish rap scene was thrown into darkness, and the whole country was in shock. Why was one of Sweden’s most influential artists shot and left to die outside his home in Stockholm? How did rapping teenagers take charge of Sweden’s biggest political issue? And why didn’t the rest of the Swedish society listen to them before it was too late? In Svensk gangsterrap, Arvidson tells the story about the dark year after the murder of Einár, and about the new Swedish hip-hop generation that grew up in our society of increased violence. Emil Arvidson is a journalist and author. For the last two decades, he’s been writing about popular culture, politics and hip-hop.

Photograph: Gabriel Liljevall


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