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"Cold Case Arctic" is to be released in October!

On a chilly autumn evening, commissioner Britta Lindén gathers her new, cross-Nordic team on Torneträsk beach. From there you can see the island where the Finn Seppo Mannela went fishing with his friends twenty years ago. It was also where he was last seen alive. Could he have swum ashore to start a new life in secret somewhere? Or did he drown in the cold water? Maybe he was murdered and sunk in the deep lake?

Team Kalla fall Nordkalotten is based in Kiruna, in a building threatened by the mine. The group's task is the truth old investigations have never found. With the hope of giving the relatives closure, the team fights against both internal strife and a merciless climate.

Fjällsjön is the first part in the series about Kalla fall Nordkalotten by Anna-Karin and Björn Olofsson. Published by Bazar Förlag in October 2023.


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